‘Pixsee is a machine learning brand marketing technology that enables brands to benefit from increased intelligence on consumer habits’

By 2020, Cisco forecasts that there will be 65 trillion images and 6 trillion videos uploaded to the web – that’s a lot of trillions.

The vast majority of this content doesn’t contain meaningful textual data – particularly the kinds of visual data shared by users within the social media environment.

If videos and images lack metadata, they cannot be understood by machines and so cannot be harnessed by brands.

Our team of seasoned advertising professionals, mathematicians and scientists are aligned to solve key problems facing the digital marketing industry. By deploying machine learning and image recognition technology, Pixsee is able to generate enhanced marketing value from video and images.

Pixsee believes that by enriching known information about any visual file its value will increase. This will benefit not only the brands behind digital media campaigns, but also the companies producing marketing material.


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